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At atHand Medical inc., we invent and develop unique patient-centered medical products designed to improve patient care.

Breast cancer survivor and atHand Medical inc. Founder, Stephanie Roberson Barnard,

has been a communication skills consultant in the health care industry for 20 years.


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Stephanie's Story

Professional speaker and author Stephanie Roberson Barnard had just launched her second Yale University Press book, Listen. Write. Present.: The Elements for Communicating Science and Technology, when she heard those two words every woman dreads after a breast biopsy: “It’s cancer.”


Although her treatment was straightforward, Stephanie landed in the hospital with a raging staph infection just three weeks after her initial mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. She stayed a week, tethered to a vancomycin drip, and underwent emergency surgery to remove the tissue expanders and dark green pus that was leaking from her drain holes.


Stephanie's journey through breast cancer treatment lasted nearly two years and included six total surgeries. Because her plastic surgeon had to re-do the breast reconstruction, he recommended latissimus dorsi flap surgery. This complicated procedure required two five-hour surgeries and a multi-day, post-op hospital stay.

When Stephanie recovered from these surgeries, she decided to use her patient experience and 20 years of experience consulting in the healthcare industry to advocate for other cancer patients. In addition to creating patient support products, Stephanie has written patient perspective pieces for medical journals, consulted as a patient advocate for pharmaceutical companies, trained oncologists and research scientists on communication skills, and presented at breast cancer support group meetings.

For more information about Stephanie, go to StephanieRobersonBarnard.com. For more information about her books and communication consulting business, go to ListenWritePresent.com.